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Genus: Albuca

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Monocotyledons > Order: Asparagales > Family: Asparagaceae

Native to Africa and Arabian Peninsula, with 128 species native to southern Africa. Previously placed in the family Hyacinthaceae, which has been sunk under the Asparagaceae.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI) and Flora of Zimbabwe.

Albuca abyssinica

[= Albuca angolensis, Albuca melleri]

Albuca acuminata


Albuca affinis


Albuca amboensis


Albuca aspera


Albuca aurea


Albuca autumnula


Albuca bainesii


Albuca batteniana

Albuca baurii


Albuca bifolia


Albuca bifoliata


Albuca bontebokensis


Albuca boucheri


Albuca bracteata


Albuca bruce-bayeri


Albuca canadensis

Albuca candida


Albuca caudata


Albuca ciliaris


Albuca clanwilliamaegloria

Albuca collina


Albuca concordiana


Albuca consanguinea


Albuca cooperi


Albuca corymbosa


Albuca costatula


Albuca cremnophila


Albuca crinifolia


Albuca crispa


Albuca crudenii


Albuca dalyae


Albuca darlingana


Albuca decipiens


Albuca deserticola


Albuca dilucula


Albuca dinteri


Albuca echinosperma


Albuca engleriana


Albuca etesiogaripensis


Albuca exuviata


Albuca fastigiata


Albuca flaccida


Albuca fleckii


Albuca foetida


Albuca fragrans

Albuca gethylloides


Albuca glandulifera


Albuca glandulosa


Albuca glauca


Albuca glaucifolia


Albuca goswinii


Albuca grandis


Albuca hallii


Albuca hereroensis


Albuca hesquaspoortensis


Albuca humilis


Albuca jacquinii


Albuca juncifolia


Albuca karachabpoortensis


Albuca karasbergensis


Albuca karooica


Albuca kirkii

[= Albuca nyikensis]

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Albuca kirstenii

[= Ornithogallum kirstenii]

Found along the lower reaches of the Breede River Valley and its tributaries near Malgas and De Hoop, south of Swellendam. Flowers April to June. Named after Kirsten Louw (Manning & Goldblatt 2006).


Albuca knersvlaktensis


Albuca leucantha


Albuca longifolia


Albuca longipes

Albuca macowanii


Albuca massonii


Albuca mater-familias


Albuca monarchos


Albuca monophylla


Albuca namaquensis


Albuca nana


Albuca nathoana


Albuca navicula


Albuca nelsonii


Albuca osmynella

[= Ornithogalum osmynellum]

Albuca papyracea


Albuca paradoxa


Albuca patersoniae


Albuca paucifolia


Albuca pearsonii


Albuca pendulina


Albuca pentheri


Albuca polyphylla


Albuca prasina


Albuca prolifera


Albuca psammophora


Albuca pulchra

[= Ornithogalum pulchrum]


Albuca rautanenii


Albuca reflexa


Albuca riebeekkasteelberganula


Albuca robertsoniana


Albuca rogersii


Albuca rupestris

Albuca sabulosa


Albuca scabrocostata


Albuca schlechteri


Albuca schonlandii


Albuca secunda


Albuca seineri

[= Ornithogalum seineri]

Albuca semipedalis


Albuca setosa

Albuca shawii

Albuca spiralis

Albuca stapfii


Albuca strigulosa


Albuca stuetzeliana


Albuca suaveolens

Albuca subglandulosa


Albuca tenuifolia


Albuca thermarum


Albuca tortuosa


Albuca toxicaria


Albuca trachyphylla


Albuca transvaalensis


Albuca tubiformis


Albuca unifolia


Albuca unifoliata


Albuca villosa


Albuca virens


Albuca viscosa


Albuca viscosella


Albuca weberlingiorum


Albuca xanthocodon


Albuca zebrina



  • Knudtzon, S.H. & Stedje, B. 1986. Taxonomy and cytology of the genus Albuca L. (Hyacinthaceae) in East Africa. Nordic Journal of Botany 6: 773786.
  • Manning, J.C. and Goldblatt, P. 2006. Ornithogallum kirstenii (Albuca group), a new species from Western Cape, South Africa, and new combinations in the group. Bothalia 36(1): 86-89.