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the web of life in southern Africa

Genus: Maireana

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Core Eudicots > Order: Caryophyllales > Family: Amaranthaceae

About 57 species, endemic to Australia. Three species are cultivated in southern Africa.

Species cultivated in southern Africa

List from Glen (2002).

Maireana decalvans (Black cotton bush)

Native to eastern Australia.


Maireana pentagona (Hairy bluebush)

Native to southeastern Australia.


Maireana trichoptera

Native to Australia.