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Most Archaea are found in very extreme environments such as round rift vents in the deep sea or in saline ponds at salt works.


List from Garrity et al. (2007).





Order: Thermoproteales


Family: Thermoproteaceae

Includes genera Thermoproteus, Caldiverga, Pyrobaculum, Thermocladium, Vulcanisaeta


Family: Thermofilaceae

One genus: Thermofilum


Order: Caldisphaerales

One genus: Caldisphaera


Order: Desulfurococcales


Family: Desulfurococcaceae

Includes genera: Desulfurococcus, Acidilobus, Aeropyrum, Ignicoccus, Ignisphaera, Staphylothermus, Stetteria, Sulfophobococcus, Thermodiscus, Thermosphaera


Family: Pyrodictiaceae

Includes genera: Pyrodictium, Hyperthermus, Pyrolobus,


Order: Sulfolobales


Family: Sulfolobaceae

Includes genera: Sulfolobus, Acidianus, Metallosphaera, Stygiolobus, Sulfurisphaera, Sulfurococcus






Order: Methanobacteriales


Family: Methanobacteriaceae

Incldues genera: Methanobacterium, Methanobrevibacter, Methanosphaera, Methanothermobacter


Family: Methanothermaceae

One genus: Methanothermus




Order: Methanococcales


Family: Methanococcaceae

Includes genera: Methanococcus, Methanothermococcus


Family: Methanocaldococcaceae

Includes genera: Methanocaldococcus, Methanotorris




Order: Methanomicrobiales


Family: Methanomicrobiaceae

Includes genera: Methanomicrobium, Methanoculleus, Methanofollis, Methanogenium, Methanolacinia, Methanoplanus


Family: Methanocorpusculaceae

One genus: Methanocorpusculum


Family: Methanospirillaceae

One genus: Methanospirillum


Family uncertain

One genus: Methanocalculus


Order: Methanosarcinales


Family: Methanosarcinaceae

Includes genera: Methanosarcina, Methanococcoides, Methanohalobium, Methanohalophilus, Methanolobus, Methanomethylovorans, Methanimicrococcus, Methanosalsum


Family: Methanosaetaceae

Includes genera: Methanosaeta, Methanothrix


Class: Halobacteria


Order: Halobacteriales


Family: Halobacteriaceae

Includes genera: Halobacterium, Halalkalicoccus, Haloarcula, Halobaculum, Halobiforma, Halococcus, Haloferax, Halogeometricum, Halomicrobium, Halostagnicola, Halorhabdus, Halorubrum, Halosimplex, Haloterrigena, Halovivax, Natrialba, Natrinema, Natronobacterium, Natronococcus, Natronolimnobius, Natronomonas, Natronorubrum




Order: Thermoplasmatales


Family: Thermoplasmataceae

One genus: Thermoplasma


Family: Picrophilaceae

One genus: Picrophilus


Family: Ferroplasmaceae

One genus: Ferroplasma




Order: Thermococcales


Family: Thermococcaceae

Includes genera: Thermococcus, Palaeococcus, Pyrococcus




Order: Archaeoglobales


Family: Archaeoglobaceae

Includes genera: Archaeoglobus, Ferroglobus, Geoglobus




Order: Methanopyrales


Family: Methanopyraceae

One genus: Methanopyrus



  • Garrity, G.M., Lilburn, T.G., Cole, J.R., Harrison, S.H., Euzeby, J., and Tindall, B.J. 2007 Taxonomic Outline of the Bacteria and Archaea, Release 7.7 Michigan State University Board of Trustees. DOI: 10.1601/TOBA7.7. Download.

Compiled by Hamish Robertson