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Genus: Aloe

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Monocotyledons > Order: Asparagales > Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

About 500 species, native to Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Socotra and Madagascar, and naturalised in Australia, the Mediterranean, India, China, South America and the Caribean Islands. A total of 138 species are native to southern Africa, one species is naturalised and a further seven species are cultivated in the region. Previously in the Asphodelaceae, which has been sunk under Xanthorrhoeaceae.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Aloe aculeata

Aloe affinis


Aloe africana

Aloe albida


Aloe aloides

Aloe angelica


Aloe angolensis


Aloe arborescens

Aloe arenicola

Aloe argenticauda


Aloe aristata

Aloe aristata

Aloe asperifolia

Aloe ballii

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Aloe barberae

Aloe bowiea


Aloe branddraaiensis


Aloe brevifolia

Aloe broomii

Aloe buettneri


Aloe buhrii


Aloe cameronii

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Aloe carnea

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Aloe castanea

Aloe chabaudii

Aloe chlorantha


Aloe chortolirioides


Aloe christianii

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe ciliaris

Aloe claviflora

Aloe collina

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe commixta

Aloe comosa

Aloe cooperi


Aloe corallina


Aloe cryptopoda

Aloe dabenorisana


Aloe decurva

Recorded from Mozambique.

Aloe dewetii


Aloe dewinteri


Aloe dichotoma (Kokerboom, Quiver tree)

Aloe dinteri


Aloe dominella


Aloe dyeri


Aloe ecklonis

[= Aloe kraussii]

Aloe erinacea


Aloe excelsa

Aloe falcata

Aloe ferox

Aloe ferox

Aloe fosteri


Aloe fouriei


Aloe gariepensis

Aloe gerstneri


Aloe glauca

Aloe globuligemma


Aloe gracilis


Aloe grandidentata

Aloe greatheadii

Aloe greenii


Aloe haemanthifolia


Aloe hardyi


Aloe hazeliana

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe hereroensis

Aloe humilis


Aloe inconspicua


Aloe integra


Aloe inyangensis

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe kaokoensis

Endemic to the Kaokoveld in northwestern Namibia and recently described by van Jaarsveld et al. (2006).


Aloe kniphofioides


Aloe kouebokkeveldensis


Aloe krapohliana

Aloe linearifolia


Aloe lineata


Aloe littoralis


Aloe longistyla

Aloe lutescens


Aloe maculata

Aloe marlothii

Aloe melanacantha


Aloe meyeri


Aloe micracantha


Aloe microstigma

Aloe minima

Aloe modesta


Aloe monotropa


Aloe mudenensis


Aloe munchii

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe musapana

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Aloe myriacantha

Aloe namibensis


Aloe nubigena

Aloe omavandae


Aloe ortholopha (Dyke aloe)

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe pachygaster


Aloe parvibracteata


Aloe pearsonii

Aloe peglerae

Aloe perfoliata

Aloe petricola


Aloe pictifolia


Aloe pillansii

Aloe plicatilis

Aloe plowesii

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe pluridens

Aloe polyphylla


Aloe pratensis


Aloe pretoriensis


Aloe prinslooi


Aloe pruinosa


Aloe ramosissima

Aloe reitzii


Aloe reynoldsii


Aloe rhodesiana

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe rupestris

Aloe saundersiae


Aloe simii


Aloe sladeniana


Aloe soutpansbergensis


Aloe speciosa


Aloe spicata

Aloe striata

Aloe striatula


Aloe succotrina (Fynbos aloe)

Aloe suffulta


Aloe suprafoliata


Aloe swynnertonii

Aloe tauri

Recorded from Zimbabwe.


Aloe tenuior

Aloe thompsoniae

Aloe thompsoniae

Aloe thorncroftii


Aloe thraskii


Aloe vanbalenii


Aloe vanrooyenii  

Aloe variegata

Aloe verecunda


Aloe viridiflora


Aloe vossii


Aloe vryheidensis


Aloe wildii

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Aloe zebrina

Species naturalised in southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI).

Aloe camperi


Other species, cultivated in southern Africa

List from Glen (2002).

Aloe abyssicola

Native to Arabia.


Aloe albiflora

Native to Madagascar.


Aloe bellatula

Native to Madagascar.


Aloe forbesii

Native to tropical Africa.


Aloe parvula

Native to Madagascar.


Aloe peckii

Native to tropical Africa.


Aloe vera

Native to Sudan.


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