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Genus: Thalictrum

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Order: Ranunculales > Family: Ranunculaceae

About 85 species (America, Africa), with two species native to southern Africa. An additional three species are cultivated in southern Africa.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Thalictrum minus


Thalictrum rhynchocarpum

Other species, cultivated in southern Africa

List from Glen (2002).

Thalictrum delavayi

Native to western China.


Thalictrum flavum

Native to Europe.


Thalictrum rochebrunianum

Native to Japan.