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Genus: Moraea

[= Homeria]

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Monocotyledons > Order: Asparagales > Family: Iridaceae

About 200 species, found throughout sub-Saharan Africa and with two species also occurring in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. A total of 184 species are native to southern Africa, with a concentration of species in the Western Cape.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of southern Africa (POSA) - an online checklist (SANBI), Flora of Zimbabwe and Flora of Mozambique.

Moraea albicuspa
Moraea albiflora  
Moraea algoensis  
Moraea alpina  
Moraea alticola  
Moraea amissa  
Moraea angulata  
Moraea angusta  
Moraea anomala
Moraea ardesiaca  
Moraea aristata
Moraea aspera  
Moraea atropunctata
Moraea australis  
Moraea autumnalis  
Moraea barkerae  
Moraea barnardiella
Moraea barnardii

Moraea bellendenii

Moraea bifida
Moraea bipartita  
Moraea bituminosa  
Moraea bolusii  
Moraea brachygyne  
Moraea brevistyla  
Moraea brevituba  
Moraea britteniae  
Moraea bubalina  
Moraea bulbillifera  
Moraea caeca  
Moraea calcicola
Moraea cantharophila  
Moraea carnea  
Moraea carsonii
Moraea cedarmonticola  
Moraea ciliata
Moraea citrina  
Moraea collina
Moraea comptonii
Moraea contorta
Moraea cookii  
Moraea cooperi  
Moraea crispa
Moraea debilis  
Moraea deltoidea  
Moraea demissa  
Moraea deserticola
Moraea dracomontana  
Moraea elegans
Moraea elliotii  
Moraea elsiae  
Moraea exiliflora  
Moraea falcifolia  
Moraea fenestralis  
Moraea fenestrata  
Moraea fergusoniae  
Moraea fistulosa  
Moraea flaccida  
Moraea flavescens  
Moraea flexicaulis  
Moraea fragrans  
Moraea fugacissima
Moraea fugax
Moraea fuscomontana  
Moraea galaxia
Moraea galpinii  
Moraea garipensis  
Moraea gawleri  
Moraea gigandra
Moraea gracilenta  
Moraea graminicola
Moraea graniticola  
Moraea herrei

[= Barnardiella spiralis]

Moraea hesperantha  
Moraea hexaglottis  
Moraea hiemalis  
Moraea huttonii  
Moraea inclinata  
Moraea inconspicua  
Moraea incurva
Moraea indecora  
Moraea insolens
Moraea inyangani

Recorded from Zimbabwe.

Moraea kamiesensis
Moraea kamiesmontana  
Moraea karroica  
Moraea knersvlaktensis  
Moraea lewisiae
Moraea lilacina  
Moraea linderi  
Moraea longiaristata  
Moraea longiflora  
Moraea longifolia  
Moraea longipes  
Moraea longistyla  
Moraea loubseri
Moraea louisabolusiae  
Moraea lugubris
Moraea lurida
Moraea luteoalba  
Moraea macgregorii  
Moraea macrocarpa  
Moraea macronyx  
Moraea margaretae  
Moraea marginata  
Moraea marionae  
Moraea marlothii  
Moraea maximiliani  
Moraea melanops  

Moraea miniata

Moraea minima  
Moraea minor  
Moraea modesta
Moraea moggii  
Moraea monticola  
Moraea muddii

See Flora of Mozambique.

Moraea namaquamontana  
Moraea namaquana  
Moraea namibensis  
Moraea nana  
Moraea natalensis

See Flora of Zimbabwe.

Moraea neglecta
Moraea nubigena  
Moraea ochroleuca
Moraea pallida  
Moraea papilionacea
Moraea patens  
Moraea pearsonii  
Moraea pendula
Moraea pilifolia  
Moraea polyanthos  
Moraea polystachya
Moraea pritzeliana
Moraea pseudospicata  
Moraea pubiflora  
Moraea pyrophila  
Moraea radians  
Moraea ramosissima
Moraea reflexa  
Moraea regalis  
Moraea reticulata  
Moraea rigidifolia  
Moraea riparia  
Moraea rivulicola  
Moraea robusta  
Moraea saxicola  
Moraea schimperi

Recorded from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. See Flora of Mozambique.

Moraea schlechteri  
Moraea serpentina
Moraea serratostyla  
Moraea setifolia  
Moraea simplex

Limited to the moist clay flats at the eastern foot of the Piketberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa.

Moraea simulans  
Moraea spathulata
Moraea speciosa  
Moraea stagnalis  
Moraea stricta

See Flora of Mozambique.

Moraea tanquana  
Moraea thomasiae
Moraea thomsonii  
Moraea tortilis  
Moraea tricolor
Moraea tricuspidata  
Moraea trifida  
Moraea tripetala
Moraea tulbaghensis
Moraea umbellata  
Moraea unguiculata  
Moraea unibracteata  
Moraea vallisavium  
Moraea vallisbelli  
Moraea variabilis  
Moraea vegeta  
Moraea venenata  
Moraea ventricosa

Recorded from Mozambique.

Moraea verecunda  
Moraea versicolor
Moraea vespertina  
Moraea vigilans  
Moraea villosa
Moraea virgata  
Moraea viscaria
Moraea vlokii  
Moraea worcesterensis  

Some species are pollinated by long-tongued flies, others by monkey beetles or carrion flies (Goldblatt & Manning 2000).


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