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Genus: Geissorhiza

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Monocotyledons > Order: Asparagales > Family: Iridaceae

The 100 species are endemic to South Africa, found mainly in the Western Cape but also in Northern and Eastern Cape.

Most of the species are pollinated by generalist pollinators such as bees and monkey beetles (Hopliini). The pale pink, long-tubed flowers are pollinated by long-proboscid flies (Tabanidae and Nemestrinidae) (Goldblatt & Manning 2000).

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of Southern Africa - an Online Checklist (SANBI).

Geissorhiza alticola


Geissorhiza altimontana


Geissorhiza arenicola


Geissorhiza aspera

Geissorhiza barkerae


Geissorhiza bolusii


Geissorhiza bonaspei


Geissorhiza bracteata


Geissorhiza brevituba


Geissorhiza brehmii


Geissorhiza bryicola


Geissorhiza burchellii


Geissorhiza callista


Geissorhiza cantharophila


Geissorhiza cataractarum


Geissorhiza cedarmontana


Geissorhiza ciliatula


Geissorhiza confusa


Geissorhiza corrugata


Geissorhiza darlingensis


Geissorhiza delicatula


Geissorhiza demissa


Geissorhiza divaricata


Geissorhiza elsiae


Geissorhiza erosa


Geissorhiza erubescens


Geissorhiza esterhuyseniae


Geissorhiza eurystigma

Geissorhiza exilis


Geissorhiza exscapa


Geissorhiza foliosa


Geissorhiza fourcadei


Geissorhiza furva


Geissorhiza geminata


Geissorhiza grandiflora


Geissorhiza helmei


Geissorhiza hesperanthoides


Geissorhiza heterostyla


Geissorhiza hispidula

Geissorhiza humilis


Geissorhiza imbricata

[photo Colin Paterson-Jones ]

Geissorhiza inaequalis


Geissorhiza inconspicua


Geissorhiza inflexa

Geissorhiza intermedia


Geissorhiza juncea


Geissorhiza kamiesmontana


Geissorhiza karooica


Geissorhiza lapidosa


Geissorhiza leipoldtii


Geissorhiza lewisiae


Geissorhiza lithicola


Geissorhiza longifolia


Geissorhiza louisabolusiae


Geissorhiza malmesburiensis


Geissorhiza mathewsii


Geissorhiza minuta


Geissorhiza monanthos

Geissorhiza monticola


Geissorhiza namaquensis


Geissorhiza nana


Geissorhiza nigromontana


Geissorhiza nubigena


Geissorhiza ornithogaloides


Geissorhiza ornithogaloides


Geissorhiza outeniquensis


Geissorhiza ovalifolia


Geissorhiza ovata

Geissorhiza pappei


Geissorhiza parva


Geissorhiza platystigma


Geissorhiza pseudinaequalis


Geissorhiza purpurascens


Geissorhiza purpureolutea

Geissorhiza pusilla


Geissorhiza radians

Geissorhiza ramosa


Geissorhiza reclinata


Geissorhiza roseoalba


Geissorhiza rupicola


Geissorhiza saxicola


Geissorhiza schinzii


Geissorhiza scillaris


Geissorhiza scopulosa


Geissorhiza setacea


Geissorhiza silenoides


Geissorhiza similis


Geissorhiza spiralis


Geissorhiza splendidissima

Geissorhiza stenosiphon


Geissorhiza subrigida


Geissorhiza sufflava


Geissorhiza sulphurascens


Geissorhiza tabularis


Geissorhiza tenella


Geissorhiza tricolor


Geissorhiza tulbaghensis

Geissorhiza uliginosa


Geissorhiza umbrosa


Geissorhiza unifolia



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