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Limosa haemastica (Hudsonian godwit) 

Amerikaanse griet [Afrikaans]; Hudsonbaaigriet [Afrikaans]; rode grutto [Dutch]; Barge rousse [French]; Pfuhlschnepfe [German]; Fuselo do Hudson [Portuguese]

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Limosa haemastica (Hudsonian godwit)  Limosa haemastica (Hudsonian godwit) 
Hudsonian godwit, California, USA. [photo Jeff Poklen ] Hudsonian godwit, California, USA. [photo Jeff Poklen ]

Distribution and habitat

Breeds in western Alaska and Hudson Bay, Canada, heading south in the non-breeding season to the coastal mudflats and pampas marshes of South America, while it is a rare vagrant to western Europe, Australia and southern Africa. Here it has been recorded three times: at Swartkops River estuary, Eastern Cape from March-April 1986, Langebaan Lagoon, Western Cape in February and September 1990 and Berg River, Western Cape in the summer of 1990-1991. It generally prefers coastal mudflats, marshes and saltpans, often associating with other godwits.


It mainly eats polychaete worms, doing most of its foraging in shallow water, repeatedly probing the soft mud.


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