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Beetle anatomy (morphology)

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H1  Palp (feeler)

H2  Labial palp (feeler)

H3  Maxillary palp (feeler)

H4  Mandible (jaw)

H5  Maxilla (mouth parts)

H6  Labrum (upper 'lip')

H7  Labium (lower 'lip')

H8  Gula ('throat')


With permission from Scholtz and Holm, Insects of southern Africa.

Prothorax (first part of thorax)

T1  Prosternum

T2  Proepisternum

T3  Notopleural suture (join)

T4  Pronotum

T5  Proepimeron

T10 Mesepimeron

T12 Pronotum

T13 Scutellum

T14 Basal fossae on pronotum


3 Thoracic segments


Mesothorax (second part of thorax)

T6  Mesepisternum

T7  Mesepimeron

T8  Mesosternum

T15 Humerus

T16 Elytra

T17 Elytral striae

T18 Elytral interstices

The elytra cover part of the thorax and usually all of the abdomen.

Metathorax (third part of thorax)

T9  Metepisternum

T10 Metasternum

T11 Metepimeron

A1 - A6 Abdominal sternites (segments)



One pair of legs attached to each thoracic segment.

L1  Coxae (base segment of leg)  

L2  Metatrochanter

L3  Trochanther

L4  Tibia



L5 Tarsi or tarsal segments

L6 Tarsal claw

Iziko Museums of Cape Town, 2006

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