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Norman Larsen will answer your questions on spiders of South Africa at menneus1968ab@gmail.com. His home telephone number is 021 4614460 (after 17h00). Cell. 083 6981943.

Norman's Arachnophobia therapy

Norman Larsen can help you to overcome your arachnophobia with a gradual introduction to spiders that he keeps at home.

Spider Night Excursions

Many spiders are generally more active at night and to get a glimpse of their private lives, one must be prepared to crawl around the undergrowth with a torch in the dark. If this idea appeals to you, it can be arranged with Norman Larsen who will organize an outing in Newlands Forest, usually on a Saturday evening. Norman gives illustrated talks on spiders and can be contacted at menneus1968ab@gmail.com

Newlands Forest Newlands Forest