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Dangerous scorpions: how to identify them

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Highly venomous
stings and venom)


Thick-tail scorpions (family Buthidae). They have thick tails and thin pincers. 


Thin-tail scorpions (families Scorpionidae, Ischnuridae). They have thin tails and broad, well developed pincers. 

Parabuthus granulatus

Hadogenes minor female.

Parabuthus granulatus sting

Opisthacanthus capensis.

Uroplectes lineatus. Painful sting but not life-threatening.

Opistophthalmus adustus.

Parabuthus capensis

Opistophthalmus capensis 



Parabuthus transvaalicus

Cheloctonus sp.


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Text and images by Norman Larsen .